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JS Architects is a diverse architectural practice providing full architectural services from preliminary feasibility studies to sketch designs, development applications, contract documentation and administration, and post-occupancy evaluation.


Areas of expertise include: Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Medical,Childcare, Educational, Motor Dealerships , Sports Complex Projects, Hospitality, and Seniors Living Developments. The scale of JS Architect's projects ranges from private houses to major mixed-use projects and local infrastructure.

JS Architects operates in an open office studio environment, encouraging innovation and initiative, but within the overall objective of architectural excellence, efficiency, environmentally and cost-effectiveness that has become the firm's trademark.



The firm offers a full range of architectural consultant services, from pre-design through detailed design and documentation, to contract interior design and post contract administration. Among other activities the firm undertakes pre-construction planning and analysis for commercial sports facilities, childcare centre’s, educational facilities, seniors living and other projects. The full range of sketch design, design development and preparation of documentation is undertaken as well as interior design work on furniture and fittings. Ongoing contract administration and post occupancy evaluations are also undertaken. Environmental Sound Design provisions and analysis is also a key component in providing a complete design solution.

Follow up inspection and examination of facilities "in-use" is also undertaken. In addition, the firm retains a facility to examine real estate valuation of optioned design alternatives, together with financial feasibility analyses, to ensure that clients are provided with complete information against which objective decisions can be made and the impact of those decisions understood by both consultant and client alike.


JS Architects was founded by Simon Ochudzawa in 1995. During the late 1990s the Practice grew and was responsible for a number of important residential medium density projects which saw its reputation spread beyond the Sydney Basin & NSW region.


In early 2000 the company undertook major residential and commercial projects which expanded the office to provide the resources for staff to take on multi-million dollar projects Australia wide & Overseas Competitions.


This provided a great basis for the company to expand national clientele.

In 2006 JS Architects commenced a strategic marketing campaign to work on projects Australia wide to all major capital cities, making our professional architectural services available across Australia.


JS Architects now continues its strong growth both as a design practice and as a highly profitable construction company.


A broad list of repeat clients is testament to our unique personal service which combines the technical ability and extensive resources with a refreshing down to earth attitude. We are therefore enthusiastic about every project, avoid making assumptions about a client's needs and adapt easily to new environments and challenges.

JS Architects directors understands that architecture is as much about relationships as it is about design and will take the time to develop a strong rapport with clients, consultants, developers, builders and other staff members to achieve the best results.



Interior Design

JS Architects interiors extends the quality of design and service provided by our architectural team, and brings an innovating design approach to the interiors process, where client requirements become the design concept. In establishing a close working relationship with each client, JS Interiors develops a precise and thorough understanding of the needs and aims of the client project group, providing innovative solutions.

Our interiors team boasts a broad experience across a diversity of project types, clients and approval processes. JS Architects has completed projects across various market sectors, including Hospitality, Health Medical Centre’s & Clubs, Corporate offices, Seniors Living and Residential & Multi-Unit Residential Developments.




Our vision is to promote Unique architectural challenges of a changing world, to create and enhance other living spaces and pure building forms.

We aim to create buildings of  lasting impressions with years of  innovation and experience; to work closely with our clients, turning their aspirations into reality.

We aim to develop our knowledge through commitment and enjoyable workplace, rich in opportunities for personal inspirations.


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Nominated NSW Registered Architect 6865

Board of Architects WA    Reg No:2329

Board of Architects VIC    Reg No:16674

Board of Architects QLD  Reg No:3855

MAIA,B.Arch UNSW,Sci Arch;

MBA Cert IV Building & Construction;

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